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Post by Naughty Teletubby on Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:29 am

Ahh, ya wanna be a mod? Here's ten requirements:

10: You were so ugly when you were born that the doctor slapped your momma
9: Your parents tied a porkchop around your neck so the dog would play with you
8: Your parents tied a rock around your neck so the fish would play with you
7: Instead of a plastic surgeon, to try to fix your face they sent you to a proctologist
6: You began your education at a school for the blind, but were expelled because they couldn't stand the smell
5: Your first class was learning to walk with a bag over your head
4: Your high-school picture has been declared a lethal weapon
3: You must have very good donuts. I mean, VERY. Not just Dunkin' Donuts brand, but King brand Donuts.
2: You have to have been called "Nose-Picker" at least twenty times in your 5th grade year.
1: You must have one ear, one foot, and only a hand that comes out your head. If not, you must have no bellybutton. :O
Naughty Teletubby
Naughty Teletubby
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Post by The Monkey Man on Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:29 am

Don't listen to Naughty Teletubby. pig

The mod test is every year in the ChatBox on February 30th. You must score 100%. The test includes extremely difficult questions and you may not accept any outside help except from a long-haired cat who is bilingual. The mod test covers everything from grammar, spelling, punctuation, and quantum physics to the Feats of Strength. Doughnut knowledge and best doughnut location is required. You are allowed 59 minutes to complete the test, which consists of 247 multiple choice questions and 14 essays.

We also prefer that our mods:

Don't ask
Have a good Sonic Site background
Know a lot about the Sonic the Hedgehog games
Have good grammar
Know how to run a site
Haven't been banned
Are very helpful
Know how to be nice
Are on the forum as much as possible

You also have to know how to keep your promotion (you can also get de-moted).

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