Main Forum Rules for Sonic Site (Please read before posting)

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Main Forum Rules for Sonic Site (Please read before posting) Empty Main Forum Rules for Sonic Site (Please read before posting)

Post by sk8r gurl on Tue Dec 23, 2008 5:09 am

Below are the main forum rules for this site...we know that you are all good members, but we need you guys to know these to avoid getting into trouble.

White = Mild Rule (will ban after broken 20 times)
Red = Strict Rule (will ban after broken twice)
Blue = Severe Rule (will permanently ban after broken once, without any warning from the mods/admins)

1. No Spamming (unwanted, irrelevant, or pointless messages), Phishing (tricking someone to giving away their account details) or Flaming (causing huge arguments).
2. No "BUMPing" or double posting before 24 hours.
3. Don't post if the post is not needed, or litter the forums.
4. Always reply to Mods/Admins when they ask or tell you something.

5. Don't advertise your websites in your posts, signatures or avatars: if you wish to do so, please put it in the website section in your profile.
6. Keep all your posts G-rated (or in other words, something that would be suitable in a Disney cartoon 15 years ago).
7. Don't use inappropiate language or inappropiate pictures in your post.
8. Don't impersonate any other users, especially moderators and administrators.
9. Don't post any personal information. Personal information means age [because if you say your age, people will know how to target and attack that specific age group], SPECIFIC location [country/state is as far as you want to get], last name [you are one of the only people on Earth with your first and last name], photos of self [if randomers know what you look like, they can get ya easier], etc.
10. Don't post violence-related posts towards anyone, except Naughty Teletubby, because he deserves it.
11. Don't talk about love, because sometimes, this can lead to extremely innapropiate subjects.
12. Speak English at all times. If you wish to speak another language, please post in another Sonic the Hedgehog forum that suits your language, or post in the international forums.
13. Don't be mean or racist to other members.
14. Try to keep text talk (txt tlk), bad word order (Tea comes 24th out February!!!), yelling (WHEN I GROW UP IM GONNA BE A CATERPILLAR YAYZ) and leet speak (l33t sp33k) to a minimum. Using the occasional 'u' or 'r' is okay, as long as you don't use it too much.
15. Don't join the forums unless you're going to post at least ONE post. If you join and don't post at all, you might get deleted without warning after 30 days.
16. Don't post downloads in your posts, unless you have permission to do so.
17. Try not to use large images (more than 800x600 pixels big) in your posts. If you want to do so, please put them in a spoiler tag.
18. Make sure that your posts contain at least two words.
19. Don't have more than one account owned by yourself, unless permission is given by The Monkey Man. This rule doesn't apply to administrators and moderators, as they can create extra accounts to test new features.
20. Don't criticise. Creative criticism is alright, but other types are completely prohibited.

21. Do not post highly controversial topics, such as religion, politics, abortion, and s**ual orientation.
22. Don't scam people - this is against the law, and will not be tolerated on this site.
23. Do not post ROMs, ISOs, emulators, or emulator and ROM/ISO discussion, Sonic or non-Sonic related - this is a fansite, not a emulation site.

24. Don't accuse other people of breaking these rules on the forums - if you want to do this, send it in a PM to an administrator.
25. Do not post any content aimed for just one day ('I was ill today', 'What I did today', 'I'm off school tomorrow', etc.), topics that aren't very discussable ('I like donuts', 'I'm buried in a pile of sand ATM, brb', etc.), or topics that apply to multiple occasions ('There's a new member', 'Naughty Teletubby has been naughty', etc.). This is a forum, not a blog. However, this rule doesn't apply for celebration purposes, such as Christmas, Hannukkah, Birthdays, etc. - these are welcome.
26. If your post has been removed by a mod for rule breaking reasons, please don't repost it.
27. Don't post a topic more than once. If your thread is in the archive, just ask a mod/admin to move it back.
28. Don't bypass the filter - we have a filter, but not every single bad word is blocked, and don't use words that have a resemblence to bad words.
29. Do not post RapidShare links, torrents, or viruses on this site.
30. Do not discuss hacking, except to say that you've been hacked.

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