What to do when you see a spam message

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What to do when you see a spam message

Post by The Monkey Man on Sun May 03, 2009 2:24 am


This thread explains what to do when you see a spam message on the forums:

  • DON'T REPLY TO THE MESSAGE. Spammers can track replies and when they get one, they return for more spamming.
  • Report the message by PMing a moderator or administrator. When they recieve the PM, they can ban the spammer.
  • Don't point it out to the entire forum. This just makes it worse.<li>If it is a chain letter (eg. Post this ten times within the next two minutes or you will turn into a pigeon), do NOT spread around the chain letter. This just makes it worse.

This doesn't apply to the SPAM! thread in the Activity forum, that thread has had granted permission.

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